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Fetch periodically checks with the Fetch Softworks web server to see if a newer version of Fetch is available. Your privacy is protected during these checks — no personal information is sent or disclosed by them.

When Fetch checks for updates, the following information is sent: the version of Fetch you are using, the version of Mac OS X that you are using, your current preferred language (as set in the International pane of System Preferences), and whether or not your copy of Fetch is registered.

This information is only used to determine if you need to be notified of a newer version of Fetch, and to guide the future development of Fetch. It is not personalized or disclosed.

The web server will also log the date, time, and originating IP address of the check. This information is not used or disclosed.

You can disable the automatic checks by unchecking the Automatically check for updates preference in the Miscellaneous Preferences pane. You can check for updates manually by choosing the Check for Update command from the Fetch menu.

For more general information about the software update process, see the Software Update help topic.