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When Fetch detects that two updates - both a free update and an update that requires a purchase - are available, either from the automatic update check or when you choose Check for Update manually, it displays this dialog. The Fetch Update dialog tells you the version numbers of both updates, allows you to get information about either update, and install one or buy the other.

When only one update is available, Fetch will show the Fetch Update (Single Update) dialog instead.

Next to the name of each update is a More Info button. Click either button to see a webpage with more information about that Fetch update, such as a description of new features and other changes. After reading the details about each update, click the radio button next to the update you'd like to download. You will be given a choice to Quit & Get Update or Buy, depending on your selection. If you don't want to install either update now, you can choose Later to be prompted again later, or Skip Both to not be reminded about either update.

More details:

Quit & Get Update (for free updates) - Click this button to download the free update in your web browser. Fetch will quit before the download begins, because if your current copy of Fetch is running, you cannot replace it with the update. If you have downloads in progress or have windows with unsaved changes, Fetch will ask you to review the windows before you quit. Fetch will then tell your web browser to download the update. Once the download is finished, you should mount the disk image (if it isn't mounted automatically) and drag the new Fetch to the Applications folder or your preferred location for it. If the download is not successful, relaunch Fetch, choose Fetch > Check for Update, and try again.

Buy (for updates requiring a purchase) - Click this button to be guided through purchasing the update. Once your purchase is complete, you will be prompted to download the update in your web browser.

Later - Click this button to dismiss the Fetch Update dialog without any action being taken. You will be reminded about both updates again the next time an automatic update check takes place. You can also get either update at a more convenient time by choosing Fetch > Check for Update manually.

Skip Both - Click this button to tell Fetch that you do not want to be reminded about either update again. You will not be reminded about either update when the next automatic update check takes place; the next time you'll be reminded will be when a further update (either free or requiring a purchase) to Fetch is available. However, if you later change your mind and want to get either update, you can choose Fetch > Check for Update, and you will be offered the currently available updates. You can also go to the Fetch Softworks website to download either update.

If you choose to download the free update, the next time an update check is done, Fetch will remind you again about the update that requires a purchase. You can either click Later or Skip when that happens.

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