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The Purchase Upgrade command lets you buy an upgrade for Fetch, and automatically enters your new serial number after you've finished the purchase process.

This command is available as:

When you choose the Purchase Upgrade command, a window appears to guide you through the upgrade purchase process. When you finish the purchase process, your new serial number will be automatically recorded in this copy of Fetch, and you will also receive an emailed receipt — please keep the receipt in case you ever need to reenter your serial number.

For more information about Fetch pricing, see the Licensing Fetch help topic.

The Purchase Upgrade command only appears when you have a licensed older version of Fetch, and upgrading to the new version requires a purchase. The Purchase Upgrade command does not appear in the menu if you've already entered a serial number valid for this version of Fetch, but you can access the Purchase menu item again by holding down the Option and Shift keys while selecting the Fetch menu. Or you can visit the Fetch Softworks website if you wish to purchase additional copies of Fetch.

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