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The Search command, part of the Send FTP Commands command, attempts to search an entire server for files and folders whose names contain a certain string, and creates a shortcut list with the results.

This command is available as:

Some FTP servers support a command ("SITE INDEX") to search an entire FTP server for file and folder names that include a certain string. This makes it possible to find a file on an FTP server without knowing which folder it is in, and without manually navigating through all the folders.

Enter the name (or partial name) of files you are looking for into the Search field of the Send FTP Commands dialog, and if the Search command is supported by your server, Fetch creates a shortcut list window with shortcuts for all of the matches found. You can then open or download the matches by double-clicking the shortcuts.

Unfortunately, many servers do not support this command, in which case you will receive an error instead. Search and Send FTP Commands are not available when you are connected to a server using SFTP.

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