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AppleSingle is Apple's official format for representing a Macintosh file on other types of computers. Fetch can get files in AppleSingle version 1 and 2 formats, and put files in AppleSingle version 2 format.

Fetch automatically recognizes and decodes AppleSingle files when downloading, although automatic recognition can be turned on and off by either:

  • Choosing Fetch > Preferences, clicking the Obscure tab, and checking or unchecking the Recognize and decode AppleSingle — this will enable or disable decoding of AppleSingle files;
  • Or choosing Fetch > Preferences, clicking the Download tab, and checking or unchecking the Allow automatic decoding of downloaded files checkbox — this will enable or disable decoding of all file types.

While the Automatic download mode will usually recognize and decode AppleSingle files, if you are having problems it may be necessary to choose the Binary download mode temporarily.

See the upload formats help topic for information about encoding files in AppleSingle when uploading.

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