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Fetch 5.7.1 Squashes Bugs by Jim Matthews

Today we released Fetch 5.7.1, a bug-fix update to Fetch 5.7. This release fixes a number of problems reported by 5.7 users.

The changes include:

  • Fixed a crash on Lion caused by the 3ivx video codec
  • Fixed a problem that caused very slow file lists for folders with more than 10,000 items
  • Fixed a problem with crashing on quit when StuffIt was installed
  • Improved feedback during mirror and large transfer operations
  • Changed SFTP behavior to honor SSH config settings, and no longer require a dummy password for connections using public key authentication

For a complete list of changes, see the Fetch 5.7.1 Release Notes.

Fetch 5.7.1 is a free update if you purchased your Fetch license after January 28, 2009; otherwise an upgrade is $10, and a new license is $29.

Please download Fetch 5.7.1 from the Fetch Download page, or by choosing Check for Update… from the Fetch menu in an earlier version, and let us know what you think of the new release.

In other news:


  • I don’t want to get all Hank Williams on you, but so many things get you down in this world.

    And then there’s Fetch.

    Thanks for the upgrade. Thanks for the software that always works so well. Thanks for sticking to the knitting and doing it so well. And thanks for making me laugh with your headline. I haven’t laughed so much for about 2.5 dog years.

    Sincerely! Thanks!

    Matthew March 1, 2012
  • Hi,
    I have Fetch 5.7.1 and it won’t remember the password in the keychain. Each time I open a site the message comes up and I check ‘Always Allow’ and I tick the box to remember the password but it still asks me every time. The older version remembered. Any ideas?

    Linda March 20, 2012
  • Hi Linda,

    Sorry about that problem. I recommend dragging your copy of Fetch 5.7.1 to the trash and downloading a fresh copy from . That should fix the problem.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Jim Matthews March 21, 2012
  • hello
    Not possible to make Fetch 5.7.1 work on my computer
    systèm : Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L31a)
    Darwin 9.8.0
    tx for the help

    morgan March 23, 2012
  • Is your Mac a PowerPC model? Fetch 5.7 and 5.7.1 require an Intel-based Mac running 10.5 or above.

    Jim Matthews March 23, 2012
  • You may want to include the date for each release on your overall release page. This historical information could be of use to others to know when and how frequent your releases are occurring. The Internet is geared to the “moment”. However, the past and the future matter as well. 🙂

    Thanks for the great software.

    Bill Bryson March 29, 2012
  • Thanks for that feedback!

    Jim Matthews March 29, 2012
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