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The Set Upload Permissions command, part of the Send FTP Commands command, lets you specify the permissions to be used for files uploaded to an FTP server. Permissions restrict which users can read, write, or execute files.

This command is available as:

To set upload permissions, choose Send FTP Commands, enter the desired permissions in octal form (usually three digits, such as "755") in the Set Upload Permissions field, and click OK. Then upload the files you want to have those permissions. The timeframe these permissions stay in effect is dependent on the server. They may only affect the next upload, or they may stay in effect until the end of your session with the server.

Access to files on FTP servers is typically governed by permission settings. Some FTP servers (typically those running the UNIX operating system) make it possible for FTP clients to change those permissions, provided that the user is the owner of the files in question. Set Upload Permissions specifies the permissions to be used for files that are yet to be uploaded. Use the Get Info command to set the permissions of files and folders already on the server.

To verify that permissions are set correctly, you can use the Get Info command or the View Verbose File List command. Fetch may not display the true permissions of just uploaded items correctly until you click the Refresh button in the transfer window (if the info window shows all unchecked checkboxes, the permissions are most likely not up to date).

Note that FTP servers won't set execute permissions via Set Upload Permissions, no matter what is entered in the dialog, so the actual permissions will be whatever is entered, minus the execute permissions.

If you receive an error when using the Set Upload Permissions command, or the permissions are not set as you specified, it's likely that the server does not support the UNIX-derived permission command necessary ("SITE UMASK"). If the server does not support setting Execute permissions on uploads, use Get Info to set the permissions after you've uploaded the files.

Set Upload Permissions and Send FTP Commands are not available when you are connected to a server using SFTP.

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