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Fetch shows a small padlock icon in several windows to indicate the security level of a connection. This icon appears in the info bar of transfer windows, the Mirror window, and shortcut list windows.

A locked padlock icon indicates a totally secure connection; that is, you've connected with SFTP or FTP with TLS/SSL with encryption, and both your password and your file transfers will be secure and encrypted.

An unlocked padlock icon indicates a connection is using FTP with TLS/SSL, but encryption is not enabled — your password will be sent securely, but encryption will not be used to protect your file transfers.

No padlock icon is displayed if the connection is not secure at all, that is, it's a regular FTP connection.

The password prompt dialog has a larger lock icon that indicates only the protection of your password. A closed lock indicates that your password will be protected by encryption. An open lock icon indicates that it will not be protected by encryption. This large lock icon says nothing about whether your file transfers will be protected.

Note that not all servers support secure connections.

For information about making secure connections, see the making secure connections or New Connection dialog help topics.

See the Security help topic for more general information about security in Fetch.