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  • Quick Look in Fetch by Jim Matthews

    Fetch makes it easy to edit server files (using any application you like), but sometimes you don’t want to open the file, you just want to take a peek at it.

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  • Still More Reliability by Jim Matthews

    In How Reliable Is Reliable Enough? I wrote about the steps we took to make Fetch 5.5 more reliable, in particular its support for automatically resuming failed or stalled uploads.

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  • Fetch 5.6 keeps transfers moving by Jim Matthews

    Etna, NH — Reliability is the watchword for Fetch 5.6, the latest version of the original Macintosh file transfer program, released today.

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  • Buy Fetch, Help Haiti by Jim Matthews

    If you purchase a Fetch 5.5 license on Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Partners In Health.

    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who purchased Fetch 5.5 yesterday — you raised $3,742 for Partners In Health!

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  • Believe it or not: a live iPhone reality show and 50% off Fetch by Jim Matthews

    Hello from Italy! While my Fetch colleagues are toiling away at their posts, I am taking a break from Fetch to have an adventure.

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  • Fetch 5.5.3 released by Scott McGuire

    Fetch 5.5.3, a bug-fix update to Fetch 5.5, is now available. This release fixes a number of problems reported by our users.

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  • Fetch 5.5.2 offers Snow Leopard compatibility by Jim Matthews

    Fetch Softworks is pleased to announce Fetch 5.5.2, the latest version of the original Macintosh file transfer program. Fetch 5.5.2 has been updated to offer full compatibility with the newly released Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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  • Fetch 5.5.1 Available by Jim Matthews

    Today we released Fetch 5.5.1, a bug-fix update to Fetch 5.5. This release fixes a number of problems reported by 5.5 users.

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  • Pick an editor, any editor… by Scott McGuire

    Want to make a quick edit to that graphic on your webpage in Photoshop or Acorn with just one click? With Fetch 5.5, now you can.

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  • How Reliable Is Reliable Enough? by Jim Matthews

    I think of Fetch as a reliable FTP client.

    For twenty years we’ve tuned and tweaked its code to handle new situations, and users regularly tell us that Fetch has worked when other alternatives didn’t. Nonetheless, from time to time we have received a particular and troubling sort of user report.

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