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The Open Folder command displays a remote folder's contents in a file list.

This command is available:

The Open Folder command makes the selected folder the current folder and displays its contents in the file list.

You can also open a folder by double-clicking on it, typing Command-O, or typing Command-Down arrow.

To open a folder in a new transfer window, hold down the Command key while double-clicking on the folder.

The Open Folder command is only available when a single folder is selected.

In the shortcut list window contextual menu, the Open Folder command opens the folder referenced by the selected shortcut in a transfer window, opening a connection to the server containing the folder if necessary.

To open a file shown in a transfer window, use the Quick Look command or Edit command in the Remote menu; or download the file by selecting it and clicking on the Get button, and then opening it in the appropriate application. (You can also set certain types of files to automatically open after downloading using the Transfer Options pane of the info window.)

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