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The Make Shortcut command lets you create a new shortcut from the New Connection dialog. A shortcut is an easy way to access a remote file, folder, or server quickly without typing in connection information each time.

This command is available as:

When you choose Make Shortcut from the Shortcuts pop-up menu of the New Connection dialog, Fetch displays a dialog asking you for a name for the shortcut and whether to make this the default shortcut. The name can be anything that makes it easy for you to identify the shortcut later on. When you check the Make this the default shortcut checkbox, the New Connection dialog will always start filled out with the information from this shortcut.

The shortcut is not created until you click the Connect button in the New Connection dialog. You can enter the information either before choosing Make Shortcut, or afterwards.

After you choose Make Shortcut, a checkmark will appear next to the menu item, and the menu item name will change to Make Shortcut: My Shortcut name or Make Default Shortcut: My shortcut name, depending on whether you checked the Make this the default shortcut checkbox. The Shortcuts pop-up menu icon will change to a heart with a plus to indicate that a shortcut is going to be created.

If you change your mind and do not want to create a shortcut after all, choose the Make Shortcut menu item again. It will be unchecked, revert to saying simply Make Shortcut, and no shortcut will be created.

If you click Cancel in the New Connection dialog instead of connecting, the shortcut will not be created.

After the shortcut is created, it will appear in the Shortcuts pop-up menu, the Fetch Shortcuts window, and the Shortcuts menu.

If you want to change the default shortcut later on, use the Default shortcut pop-up menu in the General Preferences pane.

See the creating a shortcut help topic for other ways to create shortcuts, and the deleting or changing a shortcut help topic for how to remove or edit them after you've created them.

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