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This is just a summary; for a more extensive list of changes and improvements, see the Fetch 5.8 Release Notes.

The major new features of Fetch 5.8 are:

  • Moved to a 64-bit architecture for compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Added support for Dark Mode on macOS 10.14 Mojave and later
  • Removed AppleScript and Automator support
  • Removed built-in StuffIt and Zip archive support
  • Removed Kerberos (GSSAPI) support
  • Removed Non-English localizations

The major new features of Fetch 5.7 were:

  • Added find field for filtering transfer window file lists
  • Added support for displaying the overall progress and time remaining of multi-file transfers
  • Added support for preserving the modification date of uploaded files
  • Added support for syncing shortcuts using Dropbox or a shared file server

The major new features of Fetch 5.6 were:

  • Added automatic resume of stalled or failed downloads
  • Improved automatic resume of uploads in various circumstances

The major new features of Fetch 5.5 were:

  • Improved Edit command — you can now edit any kind of file using any application and the changes will automatically be saved back to the server
  • Added automatic resume of stalled or failed uploads
  • Added Quick Look support for previewing files on servers (Mac OS X 10.5 and later only)
  • Added support for gestures on laptop trackpads: in the transfer window, swipe left to go back to previously viewed folder, swipe up to go to the parent folder, and swipe down to open the selected folder
  • Made Get Info quicker by not calculating folder sizes until you ask for them

The major new features of Fetch 5.3 were:

The major new features of Fetch 5.2 were:

  • Added WebView — easily view files in your web browser and copy web addresses while in Fetch
  • Added support for FTP with TLS/SSL (FTPS) connections
  • Added droplet shortcuts — drag files to a droplet shortcut's icon to upload them to your server
  • Overhauled FTP networking for improved compatibility and performance
  • Moved Refresh button from an optional toolbar button to a permanent button on transfer window info bar
  • Added Get As command that prompts you to choose a folder in which to save downloads

The major new features of Fetch 5.1 were:

  • Added support for Intel-based Macintosh computers — Fetch is now a Universal binary (Note: Fetch for the Mac App Store supports only Intel-based Macintosh computers)
  • Added Fetch Dashboard widget (Note: the Fetch widget is no longer available or included with Fetch as of Fetch 5.7)
  • Added Automator actions for Fetch, including Upload Files, Download Files, Set Fetch Item Permissions, Move Fetch Items, Rename Fetch Items, and more. Read the introduction to and examples of using Automator with Fetch
  • Made the New Connection dialog modeless — you can now use other Fetch windows while the New Connection dialog is open
  • Included StuffIt Engine with Fetch application — separate installation or updating of StuffIt is no longer required to use StuffIt support in Fetch
  • Zip Archive format now preserves Macintosh information (Fetch creates .zip files compatible with the Finder's Compress/Create Archive feature)

The major new features of Fetch 5 were:

  • Added support for transferring files using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • Redesigned the file transfer interface to include:
    • New toolbar for easy access to common Fetch functions
    • Back and Recent folders buttons for easier navigation
    • File list that works more like the Finder list view
    • Compact status pane at the bottom of transfer window
  • Improved the Fetch user experience on Mac OS X
  • Added Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish localizations
  • Reworded error messages to use everyday language
  • Reorganized menus for clarity
  • Added context-sensitive help, including help tags and extensive Apple Help book
  • Made Fetch Help available as a downloadable PDF
  • Added Automatic Passive Mode — automatic detection of proper connection mode for more reliable transfers through firewalls and NAT devices
  • Added support for uploading files as StuffIt X archives, Zip archives, Gzip, or Gzipped Tar archives
  • Added support for automatically decoding StuffIt X, Zip, Gzip, Gzipped Tar, and many more formats when downloading
  • Added support for resuming uploads of binary file transfers
  • Added Bonjour support — Fetch will automatically detect and list FTP or SFTP servers available via Bonjour (formerly called Rendezvous)
  • Made file transfers faster
  • Added a file transfer progress indicator to the Dock icon
  • Added a recent connections pop-up menu to the New Connection dialog
  • Added automatic checks for updates to Fetch, with easy update downloading (Note: Update checking for Fetch for the Mac App Store is handled by the Mac App Store, not Fetch)
  • Added an easier, more powerful interface for setting file types, formats, and transfer options
  • Added support for in-place renaming of files and editing shortcut information
  • Added support for importing Transmit favorites and Interarchy bookmarks
  • Improved compatibility with non-English servers
  • Improved support for non-ASCII and Unicode filenames
  • Improved compatibility with Windows, VMS, VM/CMS, VSFTPD, FileZilla, and WFTPD servers